Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mirror For Limited Space

Generally, a mirror is used to make up or just dressed themselves. The mirror is framed with a unique accent, charming, classic or a modern twist, in accordance with the concept of our room. So the mirror can be a decorative alternative to your room.

In the interior, the mirror has an important role, if you have a room that is not too large, you can choose to mirror.

Because the mirrors give a unique character that is, reflect light, thus providing far-reaching effects on the room.

No wonder the mirror, always used to strengthen the character of the interior elements of a dwelling. The reason the mirror can reflect warmth, comfort architect room.

In a small room, mirrors can be used to manipulated a room. The tricks are used so that the room look more spacious, usually people take advantage of the simple furniture or built-in. Though the use of glass is much more effective for designing the interior of the narrow room.

Mirror size must also be considered, pairs according to the room size. If there are many items in the room or furniture, you should not apply as a whole, because it would seem more full and crowded.